SAM refers to the smart (school) automation management system developed by RND Infosoft that automates school functions in a streamlined manner under a centralized administration system.

The software considers all functions that pertain to educational institute’s day-to-day activities with multiple embedded functional modules, which includes admission, administration, attendance, examinations etc. The school management software works seamlessly to capture student, staff and management related data and clumps the same into monthly, quarterly and annual reports. The management can pull up diverse reports as required without hassle with detailed statistics of every process at any point in time.

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The system is perfect for school management officials, the school board, the administrators, the teachers, and the school clerks who are involved in various functions of school management. Every school requires its stakeholders to be in absolute sync with each other in terms of data accessibility, role-based functions, report generation, event management, student performance reports, teacher evaluation, and financial performance of the school. Every stakeholder requires SAM.

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SAM simplifies the school management processes with automation approach in data accessibility, reports generation, scheduling, functional assessments, and collation of student records.

Managing a school, communicating between departments and campuses is a huge challenge for school management. Transforming schools with tech-enabled automation tools to support their administrative processes is crucial for their present and future success. There is huge demand to modernize education with technology solutions to enhance operational efficiency.

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Issues Surrounding School Management

We make installation fast and easy,
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SAM Features

  • Attendance

  • Events

  • Timetable

  • E-Library

  • Homework

  • Syllabus

  • Mail & SMS

  • Promotions

  • Meal

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