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Chat System

The School automation management software provides a comprehensive chat facility with communication features between student, teacher and parent. A teacher can chat with one student or even broadcast the same to the whole class. The Chat module is endowed with group messaging features that would include any number of people within the school structure. The module issues notifications in case of chats to specific school members including parents and also facilitates one-to-one student-specific messaging for exclusive and confidential feedback from the teachers. Now teachers can communicate about homework and assignments to parents/ students directly specific to class and subject without any hassle.

School Gallery

Upload memorable moments through photos of the school events and functions, even highlighting the best achievements of the students and the school. The visibility and accessibility of the gallery can be restricted to public or private, based on the nature of images and videos being uploaded.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

For the security of students, tracking of school vehicles is essential. This feature gives assurance to school administrators and parents so that they are aware if the school bus has picked up students and is on its way.

  • Vehicle Info Management
  • Route Information
  • Map route
  • Tracking and spotting features

Fee Management

School Fees are managed under this module, and accessible to the school accountant and the board. One can retrieve data based on the rights given to their role under the system. This increases work productivity and also reduces management delays in decision-making. All information about fees can be notified through the instant messaging system to respective parents of the students.

Attendance Management

Daily attendance of student and staff is managed under this module wherein teachers can update students attendance through their smartphones using their individual account, for their assigned class. The attendance view of a particular class is visible for individual teacher of the class and the school administrator for any month. The headmistress on the other hand, manages the staff attendance. If there are some attendance issues, an instant message is sent to the parent or the staff to quote the reason of absence. There is also an additional functionality to upload a sickness certificate and other medical proofs as required.

Timetable Management

Timetable management is an important module to maintain regulation of daily subjects and lectures for every equivalent period. One can assign a specific teacher for each subject. It provides information about the lectures and they would be viewable by students and parents so that they pack relevant books and school accessories that are convenient for everyone.

Homework management

Within this module, teachers can assign homework for a specific subject within a class to the students. After the students upload the homework to the module; teachers can evaluate the same and even generate a report about the delivery for feedback. There is a feature to notify parents and students about the homework too.

Library management

The module allows comprehensive management of the library books with a systematic record of issue and return of each book. The module also consists of a monthly report of the books issued and returned and also books that are not yet returned with details of the respective students who issued it. The librarian can issue instant message to users on the issue and return of the books.

Event Management

This module allows the school to schedule events on a regular basis inclusive of educational and extra-curricular activities. The events include picnics, annual functions, debates, sports rallies, scouting activities, competitions, and more. All these events can be recorded electronically with the data of winners, achievers, and participants in these events. The event management module also includes information on the holiday calendar for students for the year.

Evaluation Module

This module presents the criteria for evaluation of teachers in terms of their performance in their subject they teach along with the performance of the students in the same subject. Teachers can also be allotted a score for their activities that they do, other than their assigned tasks including organization of the school picnic, choreography of dances, exam assessment roles, etc. The ratings are then compiled for the benefit of decision-makers to decide the next approach that could help them make the most of the teaching ability and resources.

Exam Management

This module helps users to manage the exam schedule as well as organize exams systematically for every student in the school from time to time. The exam management module includes the seating arrangement ideas, the grading of students on different criteria – theoretical/ practical/ tests, along with marksheet generation for each student that presents their marks in a professional marksheet report for the benefit of the teacher and the student.

Hostel Management

SAM includes the hostel management feature that allows schools to manage hostels and the residents in an efficient manner. The module helps in assessing the number of students who live there, their attendance to school, their food and behaviour, and the membership fees of each student.

Teacher Planning

This module aids decision-makers to allocate their teaching resources efficiently for every class of students along with relevant subjects based on their expertise and the time-table. The module evaluates the tasks with respect to the teacher’s performance along with their completed and pending tasks. The module also includes the feature to help teachers plan their subject chapters on a routine basis so that they are constantly in the know their next teaching assignment and approach.

Syllabus Management

This module helps teachers and a group of faculty members to decide on the syllabus for every class for the year. The module includes features to lay out the number of activities included for the holistic growth of the student in a visual and efficient manner. Teachers can add new activities to the syllabus with the affirmation of their faculty heads thus planning the syllabus in a transparent manner.

Feedback system

This module helps teachers to put definitive remarks about students and their journey of learning every year. This helps newly assigned teachers to know more about any student in a single glance at the remarks of previous teachers. Also, this helps teachers to make a thorough assessment on the improvement or failure of students to cope with their education standards.

We have ensured that the feedback system is exclusive to individual students and accessible to relevant teachers only. The system ensures honest feedback from teachers to improve students in the best manner possible.


This module helps accountants to manage fees, the school expenses, the salaries, the donations, and the fund allocation for activities in a streamlined accounting system.


This module presents a comprehensive view of the various activities under the school management in the form of reports that give decision-makers an idea about school’s educational, financial, social, and operational performance at a granular level.

Miscellaneous Features(Promotions, Meals, Logbook, Visitor Information, ID card generation, Mail and SMS)

  • The promotions feature allows the users to introduce new promotions through SAM
  • The meals feature lays out the meal planner for students and hostel residents on a routine basis for different times of the day.
  • The Logbook provides an insight into the changes introduced into the system.
  • The Visitor information module allows the comprehensive record of visitors to the school including date and time and the person they wanted to meet.
  • The Mail and SMS gateway integration feature provides prompt notifications by email and SMS to parents and stakeholders in case of relevant updates from the school.
  • ID Card generation feature allows fetching of student and teacher records to generate genuine school IDs on a prompt basis.


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