SAM – Simple Adaptable Millennial

The School Automation Management System is a one-stop school management solution for educational institutes to automate the school's data management process. The solution stands on a user-friendly and secure platform too.

SAM is a cloud-based school management software that ensures proper maintenance of student records, attendance, curriculum updates, teacher's performance appraisals, school announcements, multimedia, assignments and the like. The system helps a school group management

One can track school buses, library transactions, exam results, student records, medical emergencies, and much more with SAM. The solution offers a seamless teacher-parent communication channel, while offering automation features for school data management and adequate resource optimization.

The system also offers the most cost-effective solutions in school management enabling school administration to partake communication with stake holders including parents and staff. All communication channels are open in real-time with prompt messaging and emails. We ensure that the SAM’s cloud-based platform connects with users in real-time. All school information can be fetched to authorized roles within the school and outside with systematic presentation of vital information including attendance, fees, performance reports, events, exam schedules, and more.

Providing a cost-effective and a user-friendly platform for school management is at the core of our idea as we leverage technology to ensure prompt completion of trivial tasks while helping school management to invest more time in providing better guidance, teaching, and educational upbringing to students.

  • Cost effective and Single Point Solution to School Management
  • Complete & Customized Automation of All Operations
  • 24x7 Accessibility to all records & information anywhere through Customized Android App for Management, Teachers & Parents
  • 2-level Administration Window
  • Best Possible Resource Optimization
  • Seamless Teacher-Parent Communication Channel
  • Unique features viz. GPS tracking of transport, e-books, visitor Management, Hostel Management etc.


Who is it for?

  • School Management (One School/ Group of Schools)
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • School clerks

As it was a fact in the early 90's and before, teachers and the staff had to manage every piece of information on paper, leading to huge effort, wastage of time and money too. But with an automated School management system, one can get the work done easier and faster, reducing huge hassles.

  • Device Independent - One can manage the school information database from anywhere at anytime.
  • Social Connectivity - You can share school announcements and public data through social platform connectivity.
  • Customizable Dashboard - The admin can customize the information dashboard for teachers, parents and studentswith role-based accessibility and permissions
  • One-point dashboard for school/s management -The management can view the administration of a group of schools in different locations with ease and flexibility through the master admin dashboard.
  • Communication - One can keep a systematic record of school data as well as queries from parents, to facilitate better communication between teachers, parents and students.
  • Notifications - Schools can easily send notifications to all stakeholders, teachers, parents and students for quick alerts and reminders

Benefits – Parents & Students

  • Child Attendance Record
  • Ease of Access to Home Assignments
  • Notices & Announcements
  • Teacher-Parent Information Share; course content, time tables, exam schedule, child progress, critical concerns & advices, appreciations, meal selection etc.
  • Access to Exam Results
  • Real-time school bus tracking
  • 24x7 Access to Course Material & Teachers' Subject Notes; e-books

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